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What are the steps to buying a home via a va home loan?

Got to get your VA certificate first, then apply like any other mortgage. I wouldn't use a VA home loan if you don't have to. You have to pay a funding fee ontop of your regular closing cost. But good...

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What’s the difference between home loan modification and mortgage refinancing?

A mod will take your existing loan and make changes to it it can lower your interest rate and your payment or just lower your payment the bank will take your financial information from you and then th...

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What is the best way to refinance your home with a lower interest rate if your credit isn’t the best?

if your credit is bad this is not going to happen, no one is lending money these days to those that fail to pay their debts.

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When purchasing a home using the VA home loan, does the property have to be the veterans primary residence?

Yes, it does have to be a persons primary residence for a minimum of 2 years. It's a situation where unless the finance company finds out about it, they can force you pay in full the loan amount. Peo...

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Is it possible to obtain an auto loan and have it taken directly out of paychecks?

Who did you go for the loan? Did you try your bank? If you put in automatic deposit, and add an EFT (electronic fund transfer) to dealer set up to take the money out the day after it's deposited, ...

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What are my chances to refinance if my home to value has dropped almost to even money?

It all depends on ratios, appraisals, and income. A great loan officer may be able to steer you through this complex maze although the fact that it is a jumbo loan complicates it further. I suggest ...

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Will a credit union give a 30 year term on a manufactured home loan?

Some lenders will offer a 30 year mortgage; however they will require certain things. Some lenders require the home to be set on concrete for the 30 year mortgage, and it also required that the prope...

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What difference does co sign for auto loan make?

The interest rate will be based on the poor credit. The co-signer just guarantees the loan -- in other words, the co-signer will have to pay if the other person doesn't. The loan will show on both c...

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How can the average american refinance with the decline in home values and closing costs from the lenders?

Many cannot refinance because of how tight lending restrictions are right now. It might be worse down the road, plenty of "experts" are telling home owners to stop fighting and let the ho...

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