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I need help with CountryWide mortgage company and home loan modifcation?

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We were approved for a loan modification. we recieved a letter stating that all collection calls will stop and it is being processed. It took 3 months before they even acknowledged us. This is from the “HOPE TEAM”. Then 2 weeks letter we recieve another letter from the “HOPE TEAM” STATING that they found a descrpency and was changing our payment again. We signed that form, notarized it and sent it back. THen they said they could not process it at this time and for us to call them, accusing us of forgery even after we had it notarized. Meanwhile CountryWide has sent us a forclosure notice that they are
forclosing on our home at the end of April. We besideare selves, we can’t get a straight answer from anyone, we try making payments thru countrywide but they refuse to accept our payments, we try to pay thru the address provided by the “HOPE TEAM” designated as the payment address. IT was sent back. We just don’t know what to do. We are trying to save our home and refinance with another company. But what do we do to stop forclosure or at least delay it until we can refinance somewhere else. This is ridiculous, how does this happen? I need serious help and advise. Please very serious.

1 Answers

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