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Is it possible to obtain an auto loan and have it taken directly out of paychecks?

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I moved two years ago to support my newborn after finding out my girlfriend was pregnant. I left behind my old car and my family put it in my brothers name so I’ve been stuck without a vehicle. I’ve been working at my current job for 6 months and management said it is possible to pay any debts or loans by having it taken out of my checks. I don’t plan on leaving the company at all and plan on living up here. I’ve tried for an auto loan but was denied because of my bank balance (after fixing my fiancee’s car and her mother’s truck because they were out of work and were on HUD). Is it possible to get an auto loan in this manner? At work, management said they’d need the necessary paperwork to have it directly taken out, but I’m not quite sure if dealerships would allow such payments- since its not directly through a bank. Is this method even possible?

The maximum loan i’m thinking of getting is 00. I’ve talked with several dealers about downpayments and those I can easily handle.

1 Answers

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    Who did you go for the loan? Did you try your bank?

    If you put in automatic deposit, and add an EFT (electronic fund transfer) to dealer set up to take the money out the day after it’s deposited, it should work.

    Kasey C - Sep 23, 2012 | Reply

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