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Since the interest rate is low now, i’m thinking of refinancing my house. But I have no idea what to do or where to start, e.g. should I look for a bank (fiancial institute) that offers lower rate and contact them; what do I do with my current mortgage? Is it worthy refinancing at all?
Please anyone help me with this? Details will be greatly appreciated. I’m dying here…

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    You need to contact a couple different mortgage companies. You need to see what the current rate is and what the closing cost are. You can rolling the closing cost in the loan, so you pay nothing out of pocket. That is if you house appraises to cover everything. Appraisal on houses have got bad, so check what houses are selling for around you. You need to figure out or guess how long you will stay in the house. You need to see what you save a month on the new mortgage and divide it by the closing cost. That will tell you how long you need to stay in the house to break even.

    Old payment $1200
    New payment $1025
    Save $175 monthly
    Rolled in closing cost of $4000
    4000/175 = 22.86 month to break even.

    Steve B - Sep 06, 2012 | Reply

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