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Who and what company is good to refinance your home?

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    When it comes to refinance, purchase loans, & real estate, the best agent/company is one who is referred to you by someone you trust or think highly of and/or one your friend/family member has done business with.

    Your friend/family member would have personal experience as to the service that was rendered. Also, pricing & rate are not always a good indicator of a "good" agent/company because a poor agent/company could be just REELING you in, then switch to higher pricing in the end.

    Choose one that will explain the consequences & benefits of the loan programs he/she offers to you. If he/she can’t do that, then he/she is just out to make a commission whether or not it is the best loan program for your situation.

    PeraltaTeam - Sep 21, 2012 | Reply

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