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How does a home equity loan work?

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Home Equity

I need to know all the details and if it is a good choice. I have payed off my vehicle and credit cards and have none, but I have alot of student loan debt. Our dilema are the student loans. And paying them. I have heard about home equity loans and heard about being tax deductible. How do they work? Do they look bad on your credit? How much can you borrow ? Does it add to the years to pay off your house? We only have eleven years left to pay as it is right now. Just wondering what is a good option. I even thought that after I graduate and am working that my pay checks can go all to my student loans. I am just looking for some good ideas without having to stress out about debt and bills and such. We are trying to pay our bills off and so far have done good. But those student loans are looming in the background.

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    I’m not sure why you would want to get a home equity loan to pay off student loans. Typically interest rates on student loans are much lower than home equity loans. It is true that you can use interest paid on a home equity loan as a tax deduction, but you can also use interest paid on student loans as a deduction.

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