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Can I refinance my home with a good credit score but not much credit?

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I started buying my home a year ago and I didn’t have credit then so I bought an owner financed home that had 12% percent fixed loan, which is why I want to refinance. My credit score is 718 but I have very little credit activity because I have never had a credit card or anything, I usually just pay cash instead of making payments. Will I be able to refinance?

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    Yes, it’s always easier to get a mortgage, cause you can’t run off with the house. I’d just call your bank with who you have checking/savings accounts. They will most likely give you the fastest response. You may have to prove that you pay stuff on time, since you don’t have credit cards you can ask your phone company to write a reference letter. Check with a bank they’ll tell you what they need.

    NT - Sep 10, 2012 | Reply

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